Late February, a Birthday, and a Welcome Thaw

Late February means we’re thinking of seeds and gardens and looking out at our snowy Northern Michigan landscape wishing for green again. After the deluge of chocolate and other candy that comes with Valentine’s Day, we have a birthday to celebrate and then things quiet down again.

Our son loves the homemade cards and other gifts his sisters make for him, and the video game and other toys didn’t hurt, either.

Boba Fett the Rooster and our hens, Leia and Rey, are nice and comfy in their winter structure. This was our first winter with them and we’ve been relieved to see how well they’ve made it through all of the sub-freezing temperatures. And with the increasing amount of daylight, the girls have finally picked up their egg production again.

There is plenty to see even at the tail end of winter. The lichens growing on the trees on our land always catch my attention, and there’s something about conifers and raindrops. I probably took way too many photos of this tree branch, to be honest…

And the demon basset is still as adorable and sassy as ever. She’ll be happy when the snow melts and we can easily take her for long walks on the trails again.

As always, there’s lots of woodworking and writing and homeschooling happening, which is often tiring but so worth it. We’re all looking forward to spring and summer, waiting out winter with dreams of green grass and gardens and beaches.

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