snow, and new growth

We live in northwest lower Michigan. Snow is nothing new to us, and it’s not unusual to end up with snow six months of the year.

Even so, there are some snowfalls that still manage to take my breath away. Last night, a light, fluffy snow fell. That kind of snow that clings to every branch and stem and spent flowerhead, making the entire world look like someone sprinkled powdered sugar all over it. So, of course, I had to take a little walk this morning.

snow on field and trees
This is the view looking back from the house, just at the entrance of the vegetable garden.
snowy trees
The view looking to the west, just past the vegetable garden. A few small cherry trees and a maple, backed by the evergreens that separate our property from the neighbors’. It’s so gorgeous in its snowy splendor.
tree branches covered in snow
The snow just clung to every single branch. I can’t get enough of the way our trees look when the snow settles on them like this.
hoop house in snow
Looking east, past the vegetable patch, our hoophouse is happily tucked in its spot. I’ll have a more detailed hoop house post up soon, but so far, this is holding up beautifully and I love going inside, sometimes just sitting with my plants.
woods in snow
Just past the hoophouse, we have this little wooded area that our kids love spending time in at all times of the year. Again, just gorgeous covered in snow.
schoolhouse in snow
We’re down the road a bit from an honest-to-goodness one room school house, one of the few still in operation in the U.S. It looks like a scene from an old movie, or a Christmas card.

It’s a good thing I love the way snow looks. It gives me something pretty to look at while I’m dreaming of gardening. It’s definitely a mental shift, to focus on the beauty of now instead of being impatient for spring and summer. I’m not perfect at it by any means, but I’m getting better. Taking the time to get out and admire the world in its winter glory definitely makes winter less dreary.

Aside from snow, we’ve been growing lettuces and greens inside under lights (more on that in a future post) which has kept me happily growing things. I’ve also started getting a bit more into my houseplants. I’ve gone through phases of being absolutely obsessed and having dozens of them, and then swinging the other way and having hardly any at all. This past year I’ve gotten more into growing houseplants again, and they’ve been bringing me a lot of happiness.

This pothos, for example, which I bought as an unrooted cutting off of Etsy, is doing really well. In fact, it just put out a couple of new leaves, which is always cause for celebration!

pothos leaf
Newly unfurled pothos leaves!

And, even MORE exciting, my orchids are blooming!

A bit of a backstory about them (I have 2, though I only took pics of one, since they turned out being the same) — I bought these on clearance at Lowes in 2017. They were done blooming, so I had no idea what color they were, but I’ve always been a sucker for clearance plants. So I bought them, brought them home, went through a “why am I bothering with houseplants?” phase, kept moving them around, nearly killed them, then decided I actually did want them to live, thank you very much, so nursed them back to health.

And now, they’re both blooming! And they’re very pretty.

yellow and pink striped orchid flower
Pretty! Both of my clearance orchids had these pretty yellow with pink striped blooms.

I am going full crazy houseplant lady again, I think, and I definitely don’t plan to go back. The winters are too long, and the plants make the house look so pretty. It’s been a bit of a trick, finding plants my cats don’t mess with, but orchids, african violets, pothos, and succulents have all proven to be of little interest to Kylo kitty (who is my main indoor plant pest) so I’m going to go with what works. I did have a spider plant for a while, but the leaves proved to be too irresistible to him, so, no more spider plant.

I hoped you enjoyed this little wintry tour of our homestead!

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